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What is Nicer Dicer in Pakistan?

Nicer Dicer in Pakistan On the off chance that you are not feeling great and tired under-taking the tedious and repetitive errands of cutting, dicing and slashing, at that point Pakistan has the answer for you as the Nicer Dicer Plus. Presently bid farewell to the conventional strategies for cutting, cutting and dicing and takes this system to another level with this different nicer dicer in addition to the machine. Nicer Dicer in Lahore new item will be unquestionably your new kitchen friend that makes the entire procedure of cooking simpler.

Nicer Dicer in Karachi

 is joined by an enormous 1.5-liter limit holder. This holder comes in very helpful especially for putting away an enormous amount of organic products, nuts, and other consumable things. You should simply press the top of the slicer to begin cutting the nourishment. The Nicer Dicer Plus accompanies five unique kinds of steel flame broils that help to cut the fixings in various manners and styles. With the assistance of these distinctive cutting expansions, clients can cut the eatable things in 11 unique techniques.

Nicer Dicer in Islamabad

multipurpose Nicer Dicer Plus can be utilized to cut and gap the fixings into 4 and 8 sections. Each slicing flame broil will enable you to cut the nourishment in the extraordinary and exceptional manners. This slicer is joined by a committed grinding gadget. This gadget is explicitly structured potatoes, carrot, and cucumber. Presently you don’t have to strip and cut the carrot into little pieces each time you need to make bowls of the plate of mixed greens, in light of the fact that a similar reason can be cultivated by the utilization of Nicer Dicer Plus.

Nicer Dicer Price in Pakistan

best thing of the Nicer Dicer Plus is that it accompanies the sealed shut locking top. This impermeable locking cover makes it conceivable to bolt the freshness and freshness of nourishment for a longer span. This adaptable cutting machine can be an incredible kitchen ally for occupied mothers, housewives, drive-through joints, lodgings and cooking dependent personnel. You can purchase this special cutting and dicing machine solely on Pakistan.

Extra Features of the Nicer Dicer Plus:
  • Multipurpose manual cutting, dicing and slashing machine
  • Outfitted with sharp tempered steel edges
  • Produced using most excellent nourishment grade plastic
  • Can be utilized as an expert evaluation chopper and blender
  • Amassing is simple
  • Dismantling is additionally on the straightforward side
  • Launderable
  • Safe to utilize
  • Rustproof finish
  • 1500 ml compartment
  • Ok for dishwasher
  • Specialized Specifications of the Nicer Dicer Plus:
  • Measurements: 10.75 x 4 x 3.5 Inches (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 2.3 Lbs
  • Shading: Green
  • What you will get with the Package?
  •  Small Bar/Cutter
  • Dicer
  •  Cut 4/8 pieces device
  •  Thick and huge shaper
  •  Protecting Cover
  •  Activities Presser
  •  Peeler
  •  Shred Tool
  •  Protective Cover
  •  Box with Cutting Tool
  •  All Accessories in a Box


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